Friday, September 28, 2012

Pasture Raised Chicken and Open Hardwood Fire Pit Cooking

On Saturday’s farmers market outing I had the pleasure of visiting the food stall of Joyful Noise Acres Farm at the Big Canoe Saturday Market in Jasper Georgia.

Finally I have found a regular supplier of Pasture Raised Chicken, Farm Fresh Eggs. They also have Pasture Raised Pork and Beef (when available).

I purchased a fresh 3.5lb Pasture Raised Chicken to cook over an open hardwood fire in my new fire pit. If you have never eaten non commercial, pasture raised poultry, you are really missing out on the flavor, nutrition and texture that chicken was meant to have. There is no comparison to store bought factory raised chicken.

Devilled Grilled Chicken

I split the chicken up the back and spread the whole chicken out flat, then marinated it in a little olive oil, lemon juice, fresh crushed garlic, red pepper flakes, fresh ground black pepper and sea salt.

Then placing the chicken in a grill basket, I grilled it over hardwood coals until golden brown, juicy and fork tender.

Simple cooking techniques and ingredients let the taste of the superior bird shine.

This fall and winter I will be exploring fire pit and open hearth cooking equipment and techniques utilizing farm to table foods and simple preparation recipes. I think it is the best way to taste the food the way nature meant it to be as well as healthy, nutritious and most importantly DELICIOUS!

Joyful Noise Acres Farms
620 Allison Lane
Ballground, GA 30107

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