Friday, November 18, 2016

Upcoming 2017 Culinary Workshop with Chef Tony Pisconeri

Upcoming 2017 Culinary Workshop 
with Chef Tony Pisconeri

Each culinary workshop can accommodate up to 6 students. Please use the form found under the “Contact” tab on the home page of the blog and let me know which workshops you are interested in attending. I will contact you about scheduling the workshops and cost based on interest. If there is great interest in a particular subject, I will schedule multiple dates for that workshop.

Workshop Cost: Between $35.00 and $65.00 per person depending on class ingredients and class size.

Pizza Like a Pro

Learn to make fantastic pizza and Italian bread products in your own home kitchen. Dough recipes, toppings, fillings, techniques and methods for getting the best quality pizza from your home kitchen.

Salads, Hearty and Healthy

We will explore creating delicious, eye appealing salads using fresh in-season ingredients and easy to make dressings and toppings.

Soups for All Seasons

Delicious soups using the fresh ingredients of the season. We will explore both cold and hot soups. Workshops will be scheduled throughout the year focusing on the fresh ingredients available spring, summer, fall and winter.

Farm to Table Cuisine

With all the great farmer’s markets and opportunities to get fresh produce and meats from local farms, we will explore making great meals from locally sourced and in-season ingredients.

Knife Skills – Learn to Use Your Knife Properly

One of the first things every beginning culinary student learns is how to execute various basic knife cuts and shapes, like the julienne, dice, brunoise and others. But even if you're not a culinary student (or a professional chef), mastering these knife cuts can still improve the quality of the food you cook. We will also explore the proper way to maintain your knives and protect your investment.

Appetizers – Starting Courses

Learn to make stunning first course dishes that will make your next dinner or lunch menu stand out. Fresh ingredients, recipes, and platting techniques will be presented to create mouthwatering appetizers.

Awesome Quick Desserts

Easy, eye-stunning desserts made quick. Learn versatile recipes and techniques to make desserts that stand out, and be the hit of your next dinner party.

Many more culinary workshop opportunities will be announced throughout the year. Check back often to see newly added classes and workshops.

Gift certificates are available for the holidays. Contact Chef Tony Pisconeri for booking information and gift certificate purchases.



Private Cooking Classes

Private Cooking Classes

Chop, dice, and stir your way to a delicious and personalized meal in the comfort of your own home during this Private Cooking Class.

  • During an initial consultation you will discuss menu, preferences, and dietary concerns with your chef
  • Learn how to pick ingredients, prepare, cook and present a wonderful 4-course meal
  • Your chef has been in the culinary world since 1990 and completed his culinary degree at The International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Atlanta
  • Cheers to a job well done, relax, and enjoy your edible art
Work under the guidance of a qualified chef and spend time with loved ones while learning new kitchen skills and creating a delectable 4-course meal.

You will be able to discuss your preferences, any dietary concerns, and the menu options prior to your evening.

Crack open a bottle of wine, bring out your cutting board, roll up your sleeves and learn how to prepare, cook and present a delicious meal. When you are done you will have time to celebrate your new culinary creations, sit down, and enjoy them. The chef will help with clean-up afterward.

2 - People $385.00

4 - People $525.00

6 - People $650.00

Location within a 25-mile radius of Metro Atlanta included in cost of the general class. Additional travel cost may be applied for locations outside the metro Atlanta area. Cost based on suggested chef menu choices. Additional cost may apply for higher cost specialty food choices. Discuss these option with the chef.

Gift certificates are available for the holidays. Contact Chef Tony Pisconeri for booking information and gift certificate purchases.